Ten Smart Questions

We like to call this section “Ten smart questions to ask before hiring an appraiser or household sale company” or “A dummy’s guide to not getting ripped off on an appraisal or household sale.” If you’re concerned that you don’t know enough to make an informed decision in whom to hire, consider these questions to guide your decision making.

  1. What is the appraiser’s or household sale company’s experience in marketing my particular antiques and collectibles?
  2. Is the appraiser knowledgeable of, and connected to, local antiques and collectibles dealers?
  3. Will the appraiser take the time to determine which items would be best sold through international sales?
  4. Does the appraiser have established relationships with a network of international dealers and collectors?
  5. Does the appraiser have access to national publications and databases that track the value of collectibles?
  6. Does the appraiser have documentation to prove the value of items for sale?
  7. How many staff members will the appraiser bring in to assist with my sale?
  8. Does the appraiser have an opinion as to the best time of the year to schedule a particular sale?
  9. Does the company cover bounced checks from buyers at sales?
  10. Can the appraiser provide recent, reliable references?



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